Historical and Religious

Holy Trinity Cathedral is the highest ranking Orthodox cathedral built to commemorate Ethiopia’s liberation from Italian occupation and is the second most important place of worship in Ethiopia. The church compound is the burial place for those who fought against the Italian Occupation, or those who accompanied the Emperor into exile from 1936 to 1941. The Cathedral complex also includes the ‘Bale Wold’ Church, which is also known as the Church of the Four Heavenly Creatures.

Whose name means “Savior of the World”, is an Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo cathedral in Bole Medhanealem, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It is the second largest cathedral in the whole of Africa and the largest in Ethiopia.

The parish of Holy savior is situated in Lagar, near the Meskal square, on Churchill Avenue. It is taken care by the Capuchin brothers who have their Friary behind the Church. This is the international parish of Addis Ababa. There is mass here in english, Amharic and Italian, every Sunday.

The Grand Anwar Mosque is the main religious center for Muslims in and around the capital. Located in Addis Ketema district, which is also the site of one of the largest markets in Africa, known as Mercato;

Art Gallery

Addis Fine Art is a pioneering gallery based in Addis Ababa and London. Listed as one of the “Most Important Young Galleries in the World” (Artsy 2019), it is the very first local white cube space and international platform based in Ethiopia. The gallery focuses on highlighting modern and contemporary fine art from the Horn of Africa region and its Diasporas.

LeLa is a contemporary fine arts space dedicated to the presentation of visual and multidisciplinary art, LeLa serves as an active partner to artists, supporting experimentation and innovation, and works to create links between artists and collectors, artisans and producers, and other interested members of the arts community.

Classy gallery selling Ethiopian art as well as textiles, furniture, antiques & jewelry.

A member of several international academies and with a drawer full of international decorations – about 100 at last count, including the British Order of Merit – Afewerk Tekle is considered among Africa’s greatest artists.


Unity park is one latest park in Addis Ababa the capital of Ethiopia. It covers large hectares of land and located on a hill towards the fringe of the city. The park encompasses six sections including a wide green area, a cave named Black Lion Cave, indigenous plants, nine traditional pavilions representing the nine states of the country, replicas of historical buildings, a museum and a zoo.

Entoto Natural Park is the unique place to discover the vastest primeval mountain area with streams flowing out from clear springs and waterfall where it amazes with absolutely stunningly dramatic places for relaxation or completely hilarious water activities in diverse meandering streams which continues to naturally create hidden rock vaults.

A zoo focusing on lions collected in western and southern Ethiopia. Built in 1940 by Emperor Selassie who donated his palace lions to the city, the zoo has few dozen lions but also large antelopes, lesser kudu, Gelada baboons, tortoises, ducks, Egyptian geese, rabbits, and other species.

It is the place where the founder countries of organization of African Unity (OAU) and other diplomats have been planting trees for memory. Lovely landscaping, with winding walk ways, churning channels of cascading water, tidy trees and green grass make a pleasant respite in the city centre. It provides recreational facilities for all to enjoy during the day time.

Cultural Sights, Markets and Monuments

 Mercato is the largest open air market in Africa, covering several square miles and employing an estimated 13,000 people in 7,100 business entities. The primary merchandise passing through the Merkato is locally grown agricultural products

Is a square in the city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It is often a site for public gathering or for demonstrations and festivals, notably, the Meskel Festival from which it takes its name.

Shiro Meda local market located near the US Embassy in Addis Ababa is one of the best local markets to shop hand-woven cotton clothes mainly for women. It is also famous for buying small gift items like T-shirts, necklaces, earrings, etc

Is a memorial to Ethiopian and Cuban soldiers involved in the Ogaden War. It was built under Mengistu Haile Mariam on Churchill Avenue in Addis Ababa. The monument is composed of various elements: a central statue, a 50 m tall pillar, two wall reliefs on the sides and two squares where the portraits of Cuban soldiers are visible.


Home to the most famous archeological finding of our time LUCY (Dinknesh), the national museum presents exhibits in Paleontology & Pre-history, Modern history, Ethnology and Modern art groups.

ounded in the old palace of the late emperor Haile Selassie the museum mainly shows the diver’s ethnic groups of Ethiopia under one roof.

Gifted with most breath taking view of the city from Entoto Mountain the museum contains artifacts of great quality and historical significance, Emperor Minilik II palace and beautiful architectural churches of St Marry and Archangel Raguel.

Displays the heritage that depict the development of Addis Ababa sins its foundation.