About Us

Stay in Dabi Hotel and Apartment

Dabi is the family name of the owner of the Dabi Brands Mr. Mengistu. Dabi by definition means the pillar that supports a house. It symbolizes being reliable, responsible and being the primary caretaker of a family, community or institution. It’s with these values that Mengistu started his first business venture in the retail sector. Since 1975, he has built a great reputation by working tirelessly to provide quality in service and product.

Dabi in retail is known for providing high-quality Italian men’s wear brands for more than 20 years. And now with the same values and tremendous experience in customer care, Mr. Mengistu has built Dabi Hotel and Apartments with unparalleled quality to join the hospitality industry in the year 2020.

 Established in 2020, DABI Hotel & Apartments is in business to produce value and unparalleled results for our owners by creating services that fulfill individual customer expectations.

We deliver reliable, genuinely caring and timely service superior to our competition, with respected and empowered employees who work in an environment of belonging and purpose. DABI Hotel Apartments is currently in a position to offer 53 rooms a day with the most sophisticated equipment and capable of accommodating a total of 38,000 customers a year and above in an area covering over 800m2. 

DABI currently has above 100 employees. We are supportive and contributing members of society, operating with uncompromising values, honor and integrity.

Finding modern, spacious and quality hotel and apartments in Ethiopia is very unlikely. And to find something of that standard for affordable prices is where it becomes nearly impossible. This is where we want to come in. Our guests can enjoy their short or long term stay at our property, with great comfort and enjoyment at a price that is reasonable and below market price.



What Makes Us Special


We are passionate about hospitality. The quality of our products and services will always be the measure of our success.


We aim to achieve excellence in whatever we do, and deliver the highest standard of service towards our guests & staffs.


We treat guests as our own and remain responsible and committed to our guests and the community at large.

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We exude professionalism in and beyond our call of duty and take responsibility for our actions.


We regard the interests of guests as our top priority always and pledge to be committed to the organization, its staff and partners.


We are dedicated in understanding our guests’ needs and seek to serve together with energy, zest and passion


Our Values



Dabi Hotel and Apartment management and employees are committed to serving our beloved guests from the bottom of their hearts. And courtesy service is mandatory for the hospitality service we are offering in our hotel.


Corporate Culture

Everyone is fully aware that each role is crucial, irrespective of whether one comes into direct contact with guests or one is working behind the scenes.The conduct of every single employee influences the image and reputation of the company as a whole.


HR Development

Our Company is aware of how vital it is to gain the confidence of its employees and so it is committed to contributing to their continued development and training. Everyone’s accountability and attentiveness is a to achieve performances of excellence.


Customized Service

Our Apartment Hotel is convinced that the process of customizing a service begins even before guests arrive at the hotel. This is done by identifying the reasons for their visit, right from the very moment of the booking.